Re: Robot's next Project?

  •  10-26-2009, 3:28 PM

    Re: Robot's next Project?

    XxjimandjimxX:they all committed hara kiri (Japanese suicide) 'cause they were shunned for taking over Ensemble (whom everybody loved :)  )
    Actually every one except a couple new hires are former Ensemble Employees.

    lol, well obviously Aloysius wasn't banned, I don't see any reason why Robot could have just dissapeared, so I'm just assuming they're hard at work with their next project and don't want to share a bit of it yet.  Also I've always known Robot comprised of most of the veterans of Ensemble studios, which is why I put AoE as a possibility for their next game.

     If they do make a new Halo Wars, then it gotta be a bit more deep.  I can understand that this one was made simple because most Xbox/Halo owners never cared about an RTS, but now they know the basics you can up the difficulty.  I also understand that it's hard to make a complex RTS on a console cause all you got is a controler, well the least they can do to make it deeper is 1. more units 2. more leaders  and 3. more factions; wich would give you more options when deciding how to outsmart your opponent.

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