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    Encrypted AI:

    Although they did balance the game out with title update 3, some things are still needed, because they where really only buffing mainline units, and some units that need a buff are being neglected.


    Unique unit buff


    Cyclops= needs a speed boost, remove the last upgrade and have the upgrade to start, have the final upgrade to be a wrist chain gun.

    I agree with a speed buff. Not sure about the upgrades cuz i have never teched them past tier 2 Good, except make it start with the repair kit


    Honor Guard= Needs to have a light camo ability to start, but make it very quick, then eh second upgrade makes it a permanent camo. Also, it need to behave more like a flamethrower, so you can have a honor guards to keep and infantry army occupied while you have jackals in the back ripping into them(to make it a good combination).

    Honor guards are fairly strong. To have perma camo and the shield that would be just to much. One or the other they already have best of both worlds. Shields plus camo  agree with Nite


    Elephant= being buffed, but allow you to research upgrade in there, but at a slower rate Already getting 20% hp increase   he means be able to research infantry upgrades there, I agree


    Suicide grunt= improve path finding, make it not damage your combat bonus as much as it does now Agree I use arbiter a good amount its really annoying  agreed


    Gremlin= make it stronger against canister shell (same with cobras), but it cannot disable wolverines turrets Disagree. They are suppose to be medium armor because they are hard countering units. Anymore defense would definitely make them to strong  agree with Nite


    Brutes= No buff needed


    Scarab buff


    Make its turret better against air Agree. Not more damage but better accuracy


    And make it only 18 population but you cannot build 2 without the population upgrade NO NO (agree with Nite)


    Marine buff


    Make the rockets/grenades passive, slightly lower damage against Hogs (not other medium armor) and make it slightly better against air. Unnecessary they already giving them a buff  Why hog only?  Also, definitely not passive, 4/5 rockets/frags is alot of firepower.




    Improve pathfinding Completely Agree

    Answers in bold

    PS: I still hate you encrypted for making me write a lot and then saying it was a joke in microing OP thread -_-

    Answers italicised.  

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