Re: vultures need a gauss cannon

  •  06-25-2009, 9:32 AM

    Re: vultures need a gauss cannon

    bladed flames:

    zTheMeatShield:um anti-air > air?

    well cobras and hunters dont seem to do a heap of damage to scarabs (the direct equivelent of both vultures and  wolvies)

    I was going to say "lol. funny joke" about this thread until I realized you're defending this idea. While you are entitled to your opinion, I am also entitled to think this is completely a bad idea. In order to discuss this, uber units as you think they are can be solely produced in order to make an army. Unfortunately for tacticians that favor such a strategy, 40 GHOSTS can kill an army of 6 Vultures. (It's been tested, ya know) Turns out, you can't really rely on Uber units to charge in and destroy everything while your enemy refuses to focus fire on your Uber unit. (Makes me angry too!)/joke

    Only you can prevent forum flaming

    Anders: EPIC NERF-HAMMERED!!11!!!
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