Re: Hornet beat Hawk?

  •  06-24-2009, 6:54 PM

    Re: Hornet beat Hawk?


    zorgy:this makes as much sense as saying max pop scorpions beat max pop grizzlies.


    There is a difference.

    Hawks trade off their rockets for their lasers.

    Hornets still have rockets.

    On the other hand Grizzlys are just scorpions X2 basically. Also they look cooler.


    Anyways Rockets are supposed to be better vs air and lasers better vs vehicles. (This is according to how the three spartans work in campaign.)

    It's possible that Robot pulled a fast one and made Hawks better against vehicles and Hornets better vs air. (Seeing as how she could already combat air with her cryo bomb.)

    Or maybe you were playing deathmatch.

    Because in deathmatch all the units seem to work differently.

    Wraiths are super strong (Almost on par with grizzlys in deathmatch.) So I don't know what else they could've changed.



    Rockets are also good against vehicles.

    A fully upgraded wraith always beats a grizzly.  Nothing is different is deathmatch, except the pop cap and everything being fully upgraded.  I think lasers are just better against infantry than rockets.

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