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  •  06-10-2009, 2:51 PM

    Re: Title Update #3 balance notes preview


    Balance changes:: 

     Fair enough, reduce guass a tad bit.  But still keep it an option for unsc, its preaty much all they got against cov.  Personally i own any kind of warthog rush.

    It was only nerfed against heavy armor. So I'd say it is still an option against everything else.

     Once again, no reason to do this to warthogs. i would quit playing if this ever happend.  Seriously unsc would suck so much and the game would be thrown in the complete wrong direction, towards the fine gentlemen that dont even play.

    No. It would not. It would do the complete opposite. It might hinder the UNSC's rushing ability but I do believe that was the point. If anything it will throw the game in the right direction, towards the pros who do play.

    I dont even know what that means? but dont do it.

    If you don't know what it means then why don't you want it? Seems rather stupid to me.

     Increase turretling is not fun either, you need to think along the lines as a top stragetic game and not a fine gentlemen playground.   The game is fine You dont need these giant changes, especially for guass.

    It's not meant to be "fun". It's meant to be balanced. And I'm pretty sure that buffing the turrets will actually add to the strategy of the game making it more "fun".

    I would like to see the elephant fixed.  I thought make the turrets on it the same as the chain gun spartan, since after all they are the same weapon, and slight very slight health increase.

    As would most Cutter players.

     WHoa whoa whoa. That is just silly!!! Vehicles are supposed to own infrantry.  Let me just say that infrantry are still the best units in the game.  They were since the start of the game and i still use them alll the time.

    Vehicles still will own infantry. They're buffing the ability against light armor so heavy armor still rape infantry.

    This one i oppose the most... I thought your recycle style was perfect, it actually added some inovation to the game.  Whenever it loses hitpoints it decreases in wealth, its brilliant! 

    It was perfect... for exploitation. This makes it harder to exploit the recycle ability and hinders rushing. 

     Turrets are already a pain in the butt and stop any warthog rush for up to 6 minutes. They dont need boosting. I think the dev team needs to try again for a patch because this one isnt to good. it would send the game downhill. Just play me and i will show up warthogs are crap and infantry are already the best. 

    Well now they can actually work late game. And also I find the dev team did pretty good with this one. Your thoughts on this seem to be a little biased to me.

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