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    i want you to tell me your story of the finest gentlemen you have ever played with or against. 


    my story

    i was gauss spamming and i was moving them around alot because i was taking on some marines, so the fine gentleman trys to help his team mates by attempting to mac my hogs. He misses and macs all of the marines, and kills them all. Now unopposed i took the fine gentleman out of the match. Sadly i had a fine gentleman on my team and the other guy on my team lagged out so i still lost. =(

    2 bad u gauss spam. Accepting the problem as a legitimate strategy is nowhere close to helping the problem. (not that it is a bad problem, it's just annoying ; ] ) On topic, here is my story.

    Quite a while ago, I played a game on Labrinth where two people (probably recruits, but I cant really remember) blew up their bases and sent warthogs towards eachother's destroyed bases and doing a base switch, which is, honestly, the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. One of them was Anders, and my friend and I are exhausted from playing against Anders, so we attempted a rush on Anders' base, to find Forge's base sitting there. I sent a (gunnerless) warthog to scout the other base. As predicted, Anders was sitting happily in her 3-slot base with 2 regular supply pads. In one fell swoop, both enemies were destroyed without a contest.


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    Anders: EPIC NERF-HAMMERED!!11!!!
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