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    Re: Halo Universe vs. the U.S.

    xXxSuper BKxXx:

    Felix I must say I am having difficulty discerning your logic. You say that the UNSC doesn't have the tech to make a Vulture float yet they have the technology to colonize 800 planets, travel at speeds faster than light, and make a large, space-borne, repurposed colony ship stay stationary within an atmospheric environment. In my mind this seems a little unlikely. This is why:

    I guess it's not really the tech, it's the "know-how".

    Seems unlikely, but it is plausible.

    In a size comparison you can see that a Vulture is only slightly larger than a Pelican. Yet the Pelicans have the ability to hover. So how is it that Pelicans can hover yet a slightly larger vehicle can't? Yes I realize that just because the UNSC has the tech to make a Pelican hover doesn't nescessarily mean they can make a Vulture float but what if its possible that the UNSC incorporated some tech from the Pelican to make the Vulture hover? This is not unlikely.

    The pelican is very light compaired to a vulture.  Even with the addition of a scorpion tank, it would still be lighter than a vulture.

    True. But unless the Vulture is 3x as heavy as a Pelican I fail to see how the differential weight could severely hinder the Vulture.

    Now I know the Vulture is larger than the Pelican and this would definitely affect the thrusters effectiveness but if it is true that the Pelican's thrusters cannot support the Vulture then the problem can be fixed by either altering the output of the thrusters or the addition of more thrusters. These thrusters would be supported by the ducted fans on the rear of the Vulture and the 2 fans on the underbelly of the craft which in turn gives the Vulture the ability to navigate in an atmospheric environment (though sluggishly) and the ability to hover. 

    It would require very large thrusters to keep it going.  Two "fans" would hardly support it at that height.

    Hard to tell, but to me it seems as though the thrusters are slightly larger on the Vulture than the ones on the Pelican. Also the large thruster on the back could do good if proper use of thrust-vectoring is applied.

    My idea is supported by both visual confirmation thrusters similar in appearence to the thrusters of a Pelican on a Vulture and the visual confirmation of the ducted fans on a Vulture. Also (not meaning to sound like the people you just bashed) by Bungie who okayd the Vulture as a canonical vehicle.

    They didn't really "okay" it, they just gave ES the freedom to make units that fit within the halo universe(which some are iffy).


    And I would very much enjoy reading your proof as to how a Vulture can't exist. As far as I can tell you have not given any definitive proof as to how it can't you've just said that they don't have the tech which isn't very convincing.

    Well it's true I don't have definitive proof, I use what I can recall about the halo universe(which isn't a lot actually) to come to a conclusion.  But, I appearently can't do that, as all the knowledge I have read is basically a lie(as someone said, new trumphs old or something like that).  I will consult will some more halo knowledgers(?) to see what they have to say.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say. Hopefully it will allow us to arrive at some sort of consensus.

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