Re: 3 modes for 10 bucks = rip off

  •  05-19-2009, 11:34 AM

    Re: 3 modes for 10 bucks = rip off

    None of the DLC was on the disc when it shipped.  The game modes are a small download because they are rules.  There is some new content, but it's obviously a different type of content compared to a map.  Also, the recent patch added a bunch of missing support/engine groundwork for both DLCs.

    We are limited in the number of matchmaking buckets we can use due to Live.  We left a bunch of buckets available for the DLC, but perhaps we made too many team oriented buckets.  We'll evaluate changing/modifying that as we get feedback.  FWIW, since the DLC modes are generally more team-based than the default game, we skewed the new hoppers to be team-focused as well.


    Dave Pottinger
    Lead Designer, Halo Wars
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