Re: Most useless unit in the game...

  •  03-28-2009, 11:19 PM

    Re: Most useless unit in the game...

    Longhorn1011:However much I love them, Hawks just seem to get annihilated waaaay too easy by Wolverines. For being a super-unit, they get dropped pretty quick.


    Isn't the point of any unit (even super units) that if you send them in alone or swarmed, they go down pretty easy?  This game has a rock-paper-scissors combat system, so your air unit, a Hawk, will easily be annihilated by their anti-air units, Wolverines.  You Hawk is the rock, their Wolverines are the paper.  What's the solution?  Bring scissors (infantry) who can easily annihilate vehicle units.  Watch out for air units, though, which pwn infantry easily.


    Anyways, the weak units for me are Grunts, Ghosts, Elite Honor Guards, Banshees, Marines (until full ODSTs).  I don't play UNSC that much, so I'm only really familiar with effective Covenant units.

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