Halo Wars Web Services Retirement

02-07-2018, 2:00 PM

Please read an important update about the Halo Wars web services, posted in the HaloWaypoint.com forums.

Halo Wars 2 Announced

08-04-2015, 8:30 AM

Watch the teaser trailer HERE.

Terminal Moraine Skirmish Map Information Released

09-11-2009, 3:45 PM by Aloysius

Paul Jaquays is back again to talk about his work on Terminal Moraine, one of the 2v2 multiplayer maps in Halo Wars. Check it out, with a piece of never before seen concept art on its very own page.

I started map development by literally copying and pasting a large chunk the Alpha Base ruins into one corner of the map. This established a particularly unique landmark in that corner. These large landmarks in skirmish maps help players immediately know where they are and and let them navigate from point to point by in-game visual references. Ideally, each "corner" of any skirmish map is visually unique, and this was my design goal with Terminal Moraine
As always, I dish up a few tactics I use when I'm playing on the map. You can check out all of the maps released so far on the Skirmish Maps Page.

Pirth Outskirts Skirmish Map Page Released

09-04-2009, 1:52 PM by Aloysius

Pirth Outskirts, a 1v1 skirmish map, is laid out for us today by one of the original Artists. Paul Jaquays, formerly at Ensemble Studios, gives us how he came up with the art style for the map on the Pirth Outskirts Map page. He's also kind enough to include his concept art image from development.

I developed the area as a remote vacation destination with mysterious ancient ruins, modern hotels, and dramatically steep, mist-shrouded cliffs into which breathtaking waterfalls poured majestically. On top of this, I layered the planet's recent, tragic history. Covenant bombs had cut the area off from the cities and turned the man-made structures into smoking rubble.

Check it out on the Skirmish Maps Page.

Blood Gulch Skirmish Map Info Posted

08-28-2009, 3:57 PM by Aloysius

Blood Gulch, a remake of the Halo FPS series map, is a popular 1v1 map. Today we unveil it on our Skirmish Map Information page.

We put the hooks on the outside of the map and sort of isolated so that players who take them can have a big advantage. The 2 extra bases in the middle of the map are close enough to each other that a lot of fighting takes place within range of their turrets, and that middle area can be a great place to control.

Check it out on the Blood Gulch page.

Halo Wars Dev Blog: Lessons Learned

08-25-2009, 2:47 PM by Aloysius

Dave Pottinger, Halo Wars Lead Designer, has written up a small post-mortem on the Halo Wars Project. Called Lessons Learned it talks a bit about what it was like getting Halo Wars out the door, and what he took away from it. The Dev Blog, as always, includes some never before seen photos from Halo Wars Development and Ensemble Studios closure.

"Lessons Learned. Those two words usually strike fear into the hearts of many steely-eyed game developers. Synonymous with the dreaded ‘Post Mortem’, many regard those exercises as a feel-good-love-in-trip-fests-of-hate-and-venom."
Check out the mini post mortem on the Halo Wars Dev Blog.

Halo Wars Wins Best Strategy Game from G4TV Gamer's Choice Awards

08-24-2009, 11:24 AM by Aloysius

Robot Entertainment is proud to announce that Halo Wars won Best Strategy Game in the Gamer's Choice Awards. There was some great competition, and all of the games in the running were very worthy.

Check out the rest of the winners at the Gamer's Choice Award Website.