Glacial Ravine 3v3

Designer Notes

Justin Rouse, a skirmish map Designer, talks about Glacial Ravine

Originally, our DLC2 pack (Historic Battles) was intended to contain only 3 maps: Barrens, Blood River, and Memorial Basin. After seeing the outcry for more 3v3 maps we took a look at what it would take to get one into the Pack. We did some due diligence and realized we didn’t have the time to create a new 3v3 from scratch, get it through testing, and put it into the map pack. So we compromised by repurposing an existing map, which allowed us to reduce developer time enough to get Glacial Ravine out the door with the others.
We decided on using Frozen Valley as our base map because the majority of the bases were on the outer edge of the map which left us with a lot of central area to manipulate for game play rather than worrying about meeting our base requirement needs. Since this map was very open, and all of our 3v3’s had multi routes to the enemy we decided to go with a more focused front and funnel everyone through the middle. Adding in the wall towers allows players to control the “line” between them and their enemies easier than any of the other 3v3’s. With large scale battles happing in 1 place, this seemed like a perfect map to add the Sentinel Factory to giving everyone access to the Super Sentinel to be a stunning menace to large armies moving through the middle pass. There is only 1 free floating base location on each side of the map now so teams will have to strategize for which player gets the extra/3rd base location, also making the creeps at this location a bit tougher slows players from taking it just a tad.

Multiplayer Tactics

Tactics: On Glacial Ravine I like to use the Covenant and take advantage of the Scarab walking over cliffs and surprising the enemy with beams of death raining down from the hillside. Obviously, you can use any leader here but I prefer the Brute Chieftain for his Brute commandos. Using his brute commandos built from bases themselves allows me to use my building sockets to boom and get shield protection from air attacks. They also give me an infantry unit which I can use to garrison in the wall towers and hold the middle of the map for my team.
If the other team takes control of the center wall towers upgrading the commandos to have jump packs allows me to move my forces over their walls and harass them while hopefully being able to jump back over to safety when they start to hunt my forces down. If my teammates haven’t crushed the enemy by this time I’m usually ready to get out an early Scarab. I usually don’t have much to support him but walking him over the center cliffs to surprise the enemy is very effective. Usually the entire enemy team scrambles to deal with my Scarab my teammates have free reign to attack other key locations.