Blood River 1v1

Blood River Notes

Justin Rouse, Multiplayer Map Designer, talks about Blood River:

Blood River, a straight forward 1v1 map that has a little bit of something for everyone. With starting positions placed in opposite corners, up on a hills, and a river with only 2 crossings above it, even the inexperienced player can feel relatively safe at the onset of a Blood River match. Then there’s the look, we chose this map to be set inside of the Forerunner shield world simply because we didn’t have one in that location yet. We always intended to make sure players of all game sizes (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) have a chance/choice to play on all our worlds. Blood River was a good fit because it has cliff edges, places for Forerunner embellishments like the light bridge, and we could work in some of water. For the Halo Wars enthusiast, we found two of most sought after hooks are the Bonus Reactors and Supply Elevators. Putting in two of each on this map makes a lot of players giddy, which we like.


Duncan Stanley, Community Manager, spits some game about Blood River:

Blood River is a small enough map where infantry can be very effective. The many hooks on the map, and scout towers make infantry a smart choice. The base positions at the top of hills make turrets very effective here, but you still need to get out with your army to collect all the crates and get into a hook or two early on. If you're feeling lucky, crossing the bridges and capturing one of your opponent's hooks is also a good strategy. With that you can force your opponent to fight for his own hooks and that can be very advantageous.

If you can hold the middle and keep pressure on your opponent, you can spend some time building armor or flying units which can really turn the tide of a battle, especially against UNSC. If they build a flame thrower army to counter your infantry, some flying units can really tear them up.

Given how small the map is, it's very risky to try to boom on this map, map control early on is much more important than going for late game heroics with super units.