Blood Gulch 1v1

Design Notes

We wanted a throwback map for Halo Wars that Halo Players would be familiar with. Blood Gulch is one of the more popular Halo multiplayer maps, and it was an easy choice. It's nice and open, with some cliffs on the sides for variety. The little nooks and crannies made excellent places for crates, and keeping the teleporters in roughly the same place was an easy call.

The original Blood Gulch wasn't a square, more of a rectangular canyon, so we had to do something funky with it so that Players wouldn't be scrolling over empty space. We had to use a larger base map, and then restrict the viewing area to a rectangle.

We put the hooks on the outside of the map and sort of isolated so that players who take them can have a big advantage. The 2 extra bases in the middle of the map are close enough to each other that a lot of fighting takes place within range of their turrets, and that middle area can be a great place to control.


Blood Gulch is a small map with little in between you and your opponents bases. Well, there are the extra bases with their guards in the way, but you should try to take those as quickly as possible. If you're feeling spunky, go for your opponents extra base, and try fortifying it early. It will be quite a surprise for them when they come to take it to be met with some turrets and a small army.

The hooks are also very important, each team has a reactor close by on one side and a Supply Elevator on the other. Getting both reactors early can enable you to tech up without having to spend a base slot on a Reactor, although it is risky if you lose one of them.