Air superiority can be of vital importance, not only for intelligence gathering but also for tactical strikes at your enemy’s weak points.  A UNSC Airpad is a surprisingly sophisticated structure that not only houses the maintenance crews required to refit, repair, and rearm Hornets, it also houses banks of simulation pods to train pilots in everything from the basics to advanced tactical maneuvers.  Desperate times can call for desperate measures, and on more than a few occasions Fire Base Commanders have thrown any able bodies they’ve had at their disposal into the simulators for a crash course in operating the Attack VTOL-14.  With the Spirit of Fire at your disposal to provide trained air crews, chances are you won’t have to resort to these sorts of unorthodox procedures.

















"Death From Above"

The Vulture is one of the UNSC's most powerful units. Basically a highly armed flying assault tank packed to the brim with weapons. The UNSC Vulture is the largest aircraft fielded by the UNSC. It is designed to deliver massive damage to enemy ground troops after air superiority has been achieved. It is slow moving but carries an impressive armament of 2 twin-autocannons and rocket silos that can be used to deliver a devastating barrage to enemies in a wide area.

Crewed by highly trained UNSC pilot and gunners, the Vulture is an expensive unit and is usually reserved for difficult or lengthy battles. Being slow, it is vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and enemy aircraft, but it is surprisingly resilient.

Armament:Dual Autocannon Turrets, Rocket Barrage Ability

Crew:6 Crew Members









Hornet - Attack VTOL-14

These single-seat support aircraft are tremendously versatile.  The Hornet is often used as close air support to UNSC forces and can also be seen flying alongside larger craft such as the Pelican in a supporting role. 

This fast attack vehicle is a versatile anti air unit, but can also take the fight directly to the enemies ground units.  Having a few hornets in a battle can really change the battle in favor of the UNSC. 

Twin Heavy Machine Guns

Missile Pods
1 Pilot

2 Marine gunners








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