The Factory is the manufacturing facility for Ghost scouts, Wraith Tanks and Locust walkers. This building serves as a sophisticated warehouse for all of the land based vehicles in the Covenants arsenal, and the powerful upgrades for all of the units are also researched here.

The Covenant can build the Factory immediately from the get-go without having to upgrade the Citadel giving them early land based firepower.



The Locust, like the Scarab, is another converted mining vehicle repurposed for military use. The Locust uses a powerful mining laser to inflict great damage to buildings. Although slow and expensive, the Locust is still a serious threat to UNSC forces, and buildings. It has an incredible range and can hit enemy forces when even their longest range units cannot strike back. Once upgraded, a pack of Locusts can quickly decimate an enemy base in only a few seconds.

The Locust has two upgrades that can make it a more effective fighting machine, Overdrive to increase movement speed and a shield amplifier to increase how much punishment it can take.

Armament: Charged Plasma Cannon



The Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle, called the Ghost by the UNSC, is a very commonly used scout vehicle by the Covenant. It is lightly armored and carries twin plasma cannons for armament. It is quick and excellent for harassing infantry and even UNSC tanks have trouble hitting it since it is so agile. Piloted by an Elite, it is very effective as a light vehicle.

The Ghost has very powerful upgrades such as a boost ability, additional thrusters allowing it to strafe and juke incoming enemy fire, and finally an energy shield that deflects incoming damage.

2 X Plasma Cannons

1 Driver



The Type-25 Assault Gun Carriage, also known as the Covenant Wraith is their main battle vehicle. Heaviy armored, it functions more like a tank than it’s artillery-like cannon would imply. It fires a heavy plasma blast at targets causing area of effect damage, and melting through enemy armor. The Wraith is fairly quick and can devastate enemy armor columns and infantry at range. It is also equipped with anti-personnel plasma cannons. They carry thick armor that is almost invulnerable to small-arms fire.

It’s upgrades include a heavier shield providing more defensive strength, a Scorch ability that allows it to set the very ground on fire causing extra damage and finally a plasma modulation upgrade that vastly increases the firepower of the main gun.

Armament: Plasma Mortar Cannon

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